Joanna’s Teaching Philosophy

In the greater Wenatchee area, and certainly in the country at large, there are many yoga teachers to choose from. And each teacher has his or her gifts. Choosing a teacher can be very personal and intuitive. I have found that I tend to attract students who don’t mind moving a little bit slower, who are curious and want to build intelligence in their bodies and wisdom in their minds. My students enjoy that I share the depth that yoga provides:  anatomy and kinesiology, history of yoga and philosophy, how to keep oneself safe and build health through the practice. As a student myself, I want to understand the whys and hows of yoga, and I assume that my students feel the same. The teachers that I choose and model myself after are those who are able to make the practice accessible to whoever walks through the door. My diverse background provides a wide and varied toolbox to draw from when I teach, keeping each class interesting, challenging and yet accessible.

My teaching philosophy might be summed up as follows. Each session should:

  • be accessible, challenging and interesting to whoever comes.
  • build my students’ body intelligence and mind wisdom.
  • leave students feeling healthier, refreshed and integrated physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually.
  • have an element of exploration, play, fun and laughter.
  • be an evolving conversation between me and my students, their needs and abilities.

I very much enjoy working with a variety of people, from beginners to teachers-in-training, from those living with illness or limitations to those who are super athletes. Regardless of your abilities, I hope you come and experience my unique style in a class or a private session soon. You will leave each session feeling centered, quiet and physically soothed, no matter the class level.




I love Joanna’s yoga!  Her style is refreshingly unique, as compared to many cookie-cutter yoga classes. I have studied yoga for 25 years and she can still find new places and spaces in my body to awaken and strengthen, while still being gentle and accessible.”  – Anonymous student

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