Lynn Kingston, Yoga Teacher


Sundays 10:00am-12:00pm

September 22 through November 10, 2013

$20 All proceeds go to benefit Safe Passage in memory of Lynn’s daughter, Pam French, who was murdered in a domestic violence dispute in 1997.

Eastworks Building Studio 111, Easthampton, MA





Lynn Kingston has been teaching yoga and movement for over fifty years.

She has lead an embodied life, studying first as a seven-year-old at Isadora Duncan dance camps. As a teenager, she began working with modern dance pioneers such as Martha Graham, Lucas Hoving, Jose Limon, Doris Humphry, Merce Cunningham to name a few.  Lynn was an assistant teacher of Graham technique by the time she was 16 years old.  At age 18 while studying and working as a dancer in New York City, she began practicing yoga.  She began weaving yoga into her teaching of dance from then on, ultimately creating a unique movement style she called Yoga Dance, a choreographed vinyasa style set to amazing music.

Lynn has always been an edge worker – she pushes boundaries in movement and in life. She is a life-long activist, feminist and radical.  Far from ordinary, Lynn is a unique human being who brings her own life experience and her personal practice of yoga to each and every class.

Now a teacher exclusively of Yin Yoga, Lynn will return from a hiatus from teaching to bring her latest life lessons to her students in a series of Sunday morning classes.  Over a year ago, on one of Lynn’s daily walks, she was hit by a car.  The driver, after a brief check-in with Lynn, left the scene.  As often happens, the seriousness of the physical trauma only emerged later that day.  The past year has been one of her most challenging as she has lost the ability to move about in the world, struggling with injury to her feet and ankles.  In addition to her physical injury, a year of wading through both allopathic and complimentary medical approaches has been draining financially and emotionally.  As Lynn has said, “When we have come to that place when we haven’t a clue what to do, when we are at the end of our options, that’s when the real work begins.”  This has been a year of real work.

Come and see what this latest challenge has taught her.

Beginning September 22 through November 17, join her 10:00am – 12:00pm in the Eastworks building (Studio 111 near the Apollo Grill).  Class is $20. All proceeds will go to benefit Safe Passage in memory of Pamela French, Lynn’s daughter who was murdered in a domestic dispute in 1997.


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