I never thought in my whole life I would ever identify with “yoga” and thank you for making it accessible to me at this time.  I have always been so “compressed” and your class is actually “decompressing” me as I leave each time more and more “open.”  Again I left pain-free after arriving with my usual kink. I appreciate your nurturing style and calm accepting voice.

– Carol Robins, Grandmother, Leavenworth

First I can’t thank you enough – I’ve found it difficult to find a yoga class that best suits my needs as a competitive athlete. As a competitive athlete with full-time work, my days are not unlike most – GO-GO-GO! I had been reluctant to add one more thing to my schedule, but have found that just one yoga class a week has seriously impacted my ability to recover and re-set both physically and mentally.  For just over an hour a week, I slow down and check-in with ME and realize where I’m tight and imbalanced.

– Sarah Barkley, Triathlete, East Wenatchee

Joanna teaches yoga with compassion and wise insight. Her approach is one of warm and focused attention. She brings extensive knowledge of yoga practice, philosophy and history to the mat. She has trained and studied various yoga styles and traditions. Joanna has the capacity to work with a wide range of yoga ability and is able to adapt yoga to fit the person. She meets the student where they are at to move them to the next place they want to go in their journey.

– Mary Gunkle, Oncology Nurse and Yoga Teacher Wenatchee

I love Joanna’s yoga!  Her style is refreshingly unique, as compared to many cookie-cutter yoga classes.  I have studied yoga for 25 years and she can still find new places and spaces in my body to awaken and strengthen, while still being gentle and accessible.

– Anonymous student

Articulate Instruction Workshop

Your [articulate instruction] workshop has already had an impact on my teaching–class last evening shifted in language considerably.  As I drove home (2 hours) I was able to integrate much of the discussion into my consciousness.  My awareness of the pauses was totally heightened.  I loved how you structured your workshop–perfect balance of discussion, lecture and partner work.  The audios were brilliant and perfect for opening discussion.  You are very skillful at keeping the discussion on track in order to cover the full spectrum of material.  I particularly thought your use of the koshas a brilliant approach (obvious when you contemplate the subject, but elusive at first glance).  You are personally delightful.  It was my honor to have met you.  Your mastery of yoga was amazing.”

– Vikki Wallace, Apple Valley, CA  Teaching Yoga since 2005

Yesterday when I was teaching I was so much more cognizant of my cues – mostly the irrelevant ones I say over and over when the students are already doing it – that was a break through moment when you pointed that out. …

You spoke the same language as me. What you articulated and demonstrated is what I have been trying to encourage some of my teachers to do: SEE your students. Walk around and SEE them. There are a few teachers who are new and I get that – you graduate from your mat, but there are too many who don’t SEE their students and learn from them, about them. You presented the information is such a great way – tying it in to a topic perfectly – the koshas. I really, really can’t emphasize enough how much I got from that workshop. Not only was I aware of what I was saying last night, but I was going through the layers in my mind. I think it was so valuable for planning your class. …We moved, we sat, we discussed – you had all the elements. It wasn’t too much, it wasn’t too little. You had a clear message, stuck to your topic and weren’t afraid to re-direct people back ( I love it that you hushed people – GOOD FOR YOU! and you smiled after – a bit of humor so they got the point, but didn’t feel totally reprimanded).”

– Megan Tweedy, Owner of Surya Yoga Yakima and Teacher  Yakima, WA  Teaching since 2007

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