Kathy M. Testimonial

Kathy M., Age 70  |  Washington State

KMckennaHeadshotI have attended 5 annual retreats with Joanna; the most recent one in 2017 was at Blue Osa in Costa Rica.  She does her homework about the geographic location, the quality of the available yoga space, and ratings of the food and lodging.  She includes time in the schedule for nearby hikes or special tours unique to the locale. 

Joanna offers a different sequence of poses each day.  Each part of our bodies is addressed.  If there is a new pose for beginners, she provides careful, step-by-step directions.  For experienced yoga students, she offers several more challenging options.  Classes provide simple “building block” moves that are put together for more challenging poses.  She encourages each student to work comfortably, but also asks us to try to do just a little bit more.  In this way, students attain their personal goals after a week of dedicated asana practice.

Joanna is a serious yoga teacher, but always finds a way to make things fun and lively.  She clearly loves what she does and is committed to sharing the joys of travel and yoga with us.