Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions, small groups or large, I can meet with you at Evolve in Leavenworth, in your home or can serve groups on location. Especially skilled in addressing groups of varying abilities and experiences, I can come teach a yoga session for your wedding guests, conferences or for a family reunion. One-on-one sessions are excellent for building a home practice or for addressing specific needs.

Conference Yoga – Add yoga to your conference as a refreshing break from intense team-building. Movement will help keep participants mentally and physically engaged, learning better in lectures and discussion.

Wedding Yoga – Start your special day off right. Taking just one hour to do yoga (either as a couple or as the whole wedding party) can bring a higher level of intention to your day, not to mention keeping you more mentally and physically alert and energized in what can be a stressful (yet joyful!) event.

Bachelorette Yoga – Whether a bachelorette weekend or a women’s retreat, add a yoga session to bring together your group each morning. I can provide yoga for all levels as well as meditation.

Yoga for Healing

Feet and Ankles – Our feet are our foundation related to how we move through the world. Tight or weak feet, plantar fasciatis, fallen arches and bunions can all affect our ability to move with grace as well as influence the health of our knees, hips and spine. An individual session on strengthening and/or unwinding tension in the feet can help you to feel more grounded and confident.

Legs, Hips and Lower Back – As much as 80% of Americans will experience low-back pain at some point in their lives. Thousands of americans have hip and knee replacements each year. Yoga and somatic movement provide many tools for bringing balance to the legs, hips and lower back.

Spine Health, Digestion, Breath – Posture has more to do with our overall health than we realize. In a culture of sitting and rounding, poor digestion is chronic – just look at the section in any grocery or drug store for digestive complaints. Our posture also affects the very important work of the respiratory diaphragm. As we age, posture is key to maintaining capacity to balance and stay on two feet (not three or four in the case of a cane or walker).

Mental and emotional wellness – Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or other challenging emotions, yoga, meditation and somatic movement all offer different tools to help you.

One-on-one sessions at Evolve in Leavenworth

Basic 60-Minute Session  $90

Basic 90-Minute Session $120

Buy three in advance and receive 10% off!


On-site instruction: Rates depend on location and number of people.


@ Evolve in Leavenworth: $15 per person with a $90 minimum.

Mobile Yoga (I travel to you): Travel free may apply depending on location.

To book a custom session, contact joanna at 509.470.0542 or

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